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Over the past 30 years, Raleigh Kinney's watercolors have evolved into a natural distinctive style that is a larger than life look, beyond the subject combination of color and form. It has won the acclaim of countless watercolor and the art devotees Raleigh has enjoyed a highly regarded reputation from his peers through continued acceptance in major shows and competitions, as well as deriving his living form sales of his paintings and his watercolor workshops.

Raleigh's Plein Air painting of Catalina Island "When Evening Shadows Fall" was selected for the Nov. 2000 prestigious "Plein Air Painters of America" show on Catalina Island sponsored by the Society for the advancement of Plein Air Painting.


In addition to seeing his work at some 35 festivals and shows a year.

You can find his work featured on posters of various events, calendars, magazines, and art publications such as Northlight Publications "Energizing Your Paintings With Color" and "Freshen Your Paintings With New Ideas".

He has been listed in "Who's Who In The West", "In America", and "In The World".


Raleigh is a teacher of national stature in watercolor having taught workshops in states of the Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. His public demonstrations for private and regional groups have been in some 15 states.

He taught for 15 years in the public schools of Minnesota after obtaining a Masters Degree from St. Cloud St. College. Raleigh is a founding member of and first vice pres. of the Midwest Watercolor Society. He holds a signature membership in that society today. He is also a member of the, Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA).